Your Body Knows Before Your Mind Does

Have you ever watched an episode of Animal Planet where one of the weak animals in the pack survived an attack?

Do you remember what happened to that animal once the attack had ended?

The animal began experiencing intense convulsions

— literally shaking the trauma from their system —

so they could carry on as if nothing ever happened.


Much like water off a duck’s back.

Fight. Flight. Freeze.

We humans don’t do that. Instead of fight or flight; often times, we freeze.


That experience, that stressor, has to go somewhere. Into the body it settles, and if not processed, begins to show up as aches and pains.

The Body Knows

It’s deeply important to meditate, engage in talk therapy, journal, make art. But at some point, we have to get in touch with the physical aspect of that experience so we can release it.


Body work is deeply important for that reason. It’s therapy for the body.

However, running on a treadmill and tuning out won’t help.

I’m talking about a body awareness practice (ahem Pilates) that provides an opportunity for you to be present in your body. To feel through your feelings as you move. To get curious about how you move, and hold tension, and what feelings rise up as you perform certain movements.

Do you have a daily practice that allows for this kind of play?