I offer 55 minute, private Pilates lessons (one-on-one) at my studio in Pasadena, California.

Pilates requires a great deal of concentration. My private studio provides a comfortable, distraction-free environment that allows you to achieve the greatest possible benefit from your sessions.

I begin all of my sessions with a 5-10 minute warm-up that incorporates physical therapy and Pilates exercises. This warm-up gently stretches the spine and eases the body and mind into the workout.

The warm-up is followed by a 40-45 minute Pilates workout. I customize every workout by utilizing different combinations of the apparatus and mat work to meet your needs and physical condition.

Each session ends with 5-10 minutes of Pilates wall exercises and/or stretching.

Skype classes with Pilates with Paige



Skype lessons are a great way to stay consistent with your workouts if you travel a fair amount. 

Class options for Skype include:

  • Pilates Apparatus (if you have access)
  • Mat work 
  • Question and Answer 

I’ve been known to send a Thera-band, a magic circle and a workout ball with my students to keep our Skype lessons varied and challenging. ;-)

Skype lessons are 55 minutes in length. 


*Skype lessons are not appropriate for people unfamiliar with the Pilates Method or for those who are currently in pain.*

Bones of skeleton showing the spine and pelvis


                      Got a nagging issue that you just can kick no matter what you do? 

Let's work with resident skeleton, Mr. Thrifty (pictured on the left) to help you understand where your pain is REALLY coming from. Hint: It all stems from the pelvis. Yes, even your back pain. 

A problem solving private session is not a workout. It's a session to teach you protocols that decompress and re-align the spine and pelvis. This session combines a simple anatomy explanation with sports performance skills such as visualization to help you take yourself out of pain. 

Offered in both 30 minute or 55 minute sessions depending on the intensity of your needs.