PIlates for back pain

Pilates is a process that achieves rehabilitation over time. Please remember that it is not a quick fix. However, unlike temporary solutions which yield temporary results, Pilates is a long-term program that promotes lasting recovery


Pilates exercises stabilize and support the body, allowing you to make gradual progress that does not aggravate your injuries or place you at-risk for re-injury. 

Specifically, these exercises focus on improving posture and re-training your core muscles, both of which are essential for rehabilitating injuries. 

Once you've suffered from chronic or even act back pain, your core muscles are no longer functioning properly. A properly developed core supports and stabilizes the lower back and pelvis. 

Similarly, good posture reduces spinal compression and unnecessary stress. 

Both core development and proper posture improve skeletal alignment, which  turn affects how evenly and efficiently the body moves. 

When practiced consistently, Pilates continually improves core-muscle function and posture in a way that is anatomically correct. Consistent workouts can also prevent re-injury and make dealing with flare-ups a cinch. 


Is Pilates safe when you're experiencing back pain? 

YES! Pilates gained popularity generations ago for its ability to restore the body after injury. 

Pilates is renowned for this because the method is highly adaptable to even the most serious injuries.

Your instructor can easily modify or eliminate exercises from your program that cause you pain or discomfort. 

A few, carefully chosen exercises will get your body moving in a normal range-of-motion again. 

As you continue to feel stronger, your body and mind will be able to access more exercises. Gradually, Pilates provides you with increasing challenges designed to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. 


Is it safe for me to attend a group class?

My personal opinion is no. 

It is impossible for an instructor in a class setting to ensure that every student's individual needs are being met. Additionally, it's quite common for newcomers to perform exercises improperly. 

This can make your back pain so much worse. 

It's imperative that you learn Pilates through private lessons from an instructor, who can guide you every step of the way. 

Personal attention and a specialized program tailored to address your physical condition and needs will provide a greater physical benefit as well as less chance of injury recurrence. 

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