At your first appointment, we’ll do what’s called a movement screen. The screen will test seven different patterns of movement.

The purpose of the screen is to see which patterns of movement are at baseline and which fall below it. If a pattern is at baseline, it means it’s a trainable pattern. A trainable pattern will improve when challenged. A pattern that falls below baseline is in need of rehab, and will get worse when challenged.

Training a pattern that needs rehab increases the risk of injury. If you’ve ever found yourself in a cycle of training followed by a break (because of pain) only to resume training followed by another break, you may have an pattern of movement that is in need of rehab.

Once an underperforming pattern has been rehabbed back to baseline, training can resume with positive results.


Following the screen, we’ll get into the workout.

The movement screen and Pilates go hand-in-hand. Pilates is a versatile system that simultaneously rehabilitates as well as improves training and overall function. The movement screen simply directs me where to go in the Pilates system so that I can make choices that increase the effectiveness of your workout; and if needed, your rehab.


I will send homework after each lesson. Compliance with homework yields results more quickly.

In addition, homework provides a sense of responsibility and empowerment, which is essential to create lasting change in both your body and life.