It's All A Matter Of Perspective

I keep this hexagram in my studio at all times.

It serves as a reminder to me that “the truth”, at least in subjective terms, is based on personal feelings, opinions, and the angle (or perspective) that a person is looking through the hexagram aka life.

Let’s imagine that the truth is in the middle of the hexagram. If I was to look at a different angle than you, and we both described what we saw to one another, would either of us be wrong? We’re both just experiencing variations on a theme. Our truths would be different, yet correct.

It’s important for me to keep my mind open. To see matters from alternate perspectives, and remember that life is all shades of gray. The hexagram provides an easy way for me to step outside myself.

By investigating many different perspectives, I have found that my problem solving skills increase in the face of complex issues. It also assists me in learning about how my students view their world; which is necessary for me to understand if I’m meant to guide them on their Pilates journey.

By turning the hexagram on a daily basis, I’m delighted to deepen my understanding about a topic, and when appropriate, change my viewpoint altogether.

Your Personal Truth Impacts Your Body

Everyday I hear the stories my students tell themselves about who they are, and how they feel about their life experiences. This varies quite a bit person to person as we are all unique. Listening to so many stories over the years has helped me become aware of my own.

The connection between your “truth” — which is a story about the perspective that you see — and the issues that are impacting your body become very apparent as you become aware of the stories that are running on repeat in your life.

I do not mean to say that your reality is not real. Quite the opposite. Stories are powerful. What’s real for you is shaping your reality. I’m proposing that we turn the hexagram and relate to our stories from a more empowered place.


Transforming Your Story

There is a physical component to our aches, pain, and injuries; body work is essential to healing. Yet bodywork alone is an incomplete picture.

The body houses our emotions, therefore, your mindset matters. The stories you reinforce about yourself everyday matter.

universe says yes.jpg

No matter how you choose to look through the hexagram, try to consistently tell your stories in the positive. The universe doesn’t hear the word no. When you speak in negatives, you are affirming that negativity into your life.

Of course it’s true that so much of life is out of our control. Instead of putting your attention there, give energy to what you can change.

You have control over your perception about what’s happening and your role in that story.

How do your stories make you feel? Empowered or victimized? Change them accordingly to help you realize your desired outcome.

Change your story. Change your life.